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SAY Soccer Background Check

All Dyer Kickers Volunteers are required to pass a background check.



Concussion Training

HEADS UP to Youth Sports: Online Training (~30 minute video)


Helpful Resources for Coaches

The Basics:
Kickers Coaches Manual
Abbreviated Rules by Division:
U6 division
U8 Division
U10 division
U12 division
U14 5v5
U18 5v5
U14 division
U18 division


The Challenger Way 
Fun Soccer Games for Kids
More Fun Games
Soccer Drills for Older Kids – Team Snap
Soccer Drills for Beginners
Basic Youth Soccer Drills
Goalkeeping Drills for Beginners


Printable Activities:
Say Soccer Drills and Skills
US Youth Soccer Training Activities


U6 Lesson Plans/Drills
Big Bad Bear Dribbling
Big Bad Coach Dribbling
Big Race Dribbling
Big Snake Race Dribbling
Bombs Away
Bridge Tag
Bump the Ball
Coach Says Dribbling
Cowboys_and_Indians 2
Crab Attack
Dribbling with Head up
Fast Food
Follow the Leader
Golf Passing and Shooting
King_Queen of Ring
Knock it Off Passing Shooting
LA Freeway Dribbling
Lion King Dribbling
Minions U5-U8
Monster Turn Around
Motor Racing Dribbling_Speed
Mr. Freeze
My Ball Dribbling
Pac Woman Dribbling
Sharks and Minnows Dribbling
Sleeping Dragon
Space Invaders
Sponge Bob
Tag Dribbling
Take Out the Trash
Target Practice Passing and Shooting
Ten Steps to the Clouds
Treasure Hunt Dribbling
Zombies 2


U8 Lesson Plans/Drills
U8 Lesson Plans 1
attack the gate
captain on deck
chain tag
crush the ball
crush the snow cone
dribble through the gate
hospital tag
hot potato
look up and listen
paint ball
pass the buck
road runner
space invaders
star wars
stuck in the mud
turns turns turns
who let the dogs out


U10 Lesson Plans/Drills
SITCCoachingCurriculum9to12YearOlds b
2v2 activity with servers and targets
2v2 activity with servers
communication race
goals goals goals
gridwork 1
gridwork 1v1
gridwork 4
gridwork dribbling race
gridwork passing in twos 2
gridwork passing in twos 3
gridwork passing in twos 4
gridwork passing in twos
MLS shoot out
passing through the gates
small sided possession and finishing game
small sided possession game
small sided world cup tournament
team races


U12 Lesson Plans/Drills
SITCCoachingCurriculum9to12YearOlds b
Dribbling 1
Dribbling 2
Dribbling 3
Dribbling 4
Dribbling 5
Dribbling 6
Goalscoring 1
Goalscoring 2
Goalscoring 3
Goalscoring 4
Goalscoring 5
Goalscoring 6
Passing 1
Passing 2
Passing 3
Passing 4
Passing 5
U12 Overlapping Run
U12 Passing 2
U12 Passing Game Related Activity
U12 Passing Opposed Exercise
U12 passing patterns combinations 1
U12 passing patterns combinations 2
U12 passing patterns combinations 3
U12 Shooting Opposed 2
U12 Shooting Opposed
U12 Shooting to Goal
U12 Shooting Unopposed
U12 Take
U12 Warm Up 2
U12 Warm Up 3


U14 Lesson Plans/Drills
U14W1D1 a
U14W1D2 a
U14W2D1 a
U14W2D2 a
U14W3D1 a
U14W3D2 a
U14W4D1 a
U14W4D2 a
U14W5D1 a
U14W5D2 a
U14W6D1 a
U14W6D2 a
U14W7D1 a
U14W7D2 a
U14W8D1 a
U14W8D2 a

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