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Dyer Kickers Soccer Club

Indoor Soccer


- All practices and games will be at the Dyer Indoor Soccer Arena (DISA)

- Address: 14914 W 101st Ave, Dyer, IN 46311

- This includes 8 games and up to 7 practices.


- Shin-guards, soccer socks, soccer shorts

- NO CLEATS. Tennis shoes or indoor soccer shoes are recommended.

- Size 3 ball for U6/U8; size 4 ball for U10/U12; and a size 5 ball for U14


-$125 for U6-U16


- Indoor soccer jerseys are included.


- Head Coaches receive a $50 reimbursement  for each team they coach.

- Practices are coordinated with your schedule.

- Coaches training provided by Dyer Kickers and their partners.

- Training includes Practice Plans and Education, Safesport training, Concussion training, and access to our licensed staff and partners.

**As a rule of thumb, we try to have (1) coach/trainer for every 8-10 players with the younger ages requiring more attention.


U6 - [up to 5v5, no goalie] Friday Evening Games

U8 - [6v6, including goalie] Sunday Afternoon Games

U10 - [7v7, including goalie] Saturday Afternoon Games

U12 - [7v7, including goalie] Saturday Afternoon Games

U14 - [7v7, including goalie] Saturday Afternoon Games

** There will be at least 1-2 weekends with 2 games.   At times, due to field availability sometimes games will not be on their typical days.   
** Priority for earlier game times are typically given to younger age groups on Saturdays and Sundays.
** The Referees are provided by the Arena, not Dyer Kickers.


- Practice times are coordinated with our Volunteer Coach availabilities. Once Coaches are determined after Registration closes, we would issue these schedules.

- Practices could occur any night Mon-Fri for up to (1) hr in the time range of 4-8p (Pending field availability and team counts which could take practices ending as late as 9p). U6 would practice before 7p.

- Practices for indoor soccer are only (1) night per week per team. There is limited field availability and practices cannot be rescheduled.


- The teams and divisions are dependent on the number of  volunteers and players.  The commissioner will divide players and teams into a lower tier (B) division and upper tier (A) division each session if there are enough teams and players to do so.  When this happens, teams would only play teams in their division (IE.  teams in the 'B' divisions would not play teams in the 'A' division). 
- (A) division teams will typically have a greater quantity of skilled players who may or may not play travel soccer.  In all divisions, there will be a spectrum of soccer development for the players involved on each team . 
- The leagues and divisions could consist of teams from Dyer Kickers and our surrounding areas.
- The Commissioner would consider many factors when determining placement which could include, but is not limited to, player requests, their own personal evaluations of the players and teams, previous coach feedback, and registration information when determining divisional placement. 
- The club will try to accommodate the various requests provided for each player during registration, however, not all requests can be served or are guaranteed.
- All communications with parents and players will be through TeamSnap and club emails. This will include all schedules for games and practices.

- If you are signing up a full team, please make a special request and include your coaches name in the registration. Separate practice times for full teams are subject to field availability and are not guaranteed or included.  Dyer Kickers does  not oversee teams registered directly through the arena.


- Birth cutoff date is 7/31 for all age groups

- Must be 4 before the dates listed below to join.
- Session 1 - 10/15/23
- Session 2 - 12/10/23
- Session 3 - 2/4/24

- If you have questions, please contact [email protected]

U6 Indoor Rules - Updated

U8 Indoor Rules - Updated

U10/12/14 Indoor Rules - Updated